Frequently Asked Questions (for the fans)

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DJ Ron Slomowicz: OK, now for your website, I have four questions that the fans send in. First, the question I get asked the mostů well actually this is number two now, but number one for a while, what's your actual birth date, month and day?

Tina Cousins: 20.04.1974, 20th April.

RS: Second question - Miami, "As Time Goes By," what was that?

Tina Cousins: Do you know what, I have absolutely no idea. I was on the web the other day and I was looking and everyone was sort of mentioning this. I think someone's literally taken me talking and just plastered it over the top of some dance track, and as far as I've heard it's really terrible.

RS: It is. I bought it for twenty bucks on eBay and it's not worth investigating.

Tina Cousins: I know, exactly, that's what I'd heard, so don't buy it.

RS: Who are The Ordinary People?

Tina Cousins: They were two guys that I met a few years ago and they do a lot of advertising on the television, the music for adverts and stuff like that. They are the original guys that I did Wonderful Life with. But, they wouldn't let it be a Tina Cousins track, they wanted it to be Ordinary People. When we went out to sell it, nobody wanted it. It's as simple as that, it was tough. It sounds so big-headed to say if we'd had even had a chance, but they didn't want it to be that so, you know, what can you do?

RS: Have you made friends with TJ Davis, who covered it right after you, since then?

Tina Cousins: I couldn't believe that because basically that was done after the version that I did and she even copied my ad libs, everything. So I was really miffed about that one, but you know. The thing is with an idea, sometimes with a cover, is that once you have it everyone sort of jumps on it at the same time and it's a race to see who can can get it out first.

RS: What's funny is I noticed Ace of Base even covered that on their last album.

Tina Cousins: I think it's just one of those songs, it's a great song to cover. So I suppose once one person has the idea, then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

RS: A few people have wondered, did you start as a Christian music artist and become a dance artist (sort of like Evanescence)?

Tina Cousins: Because of Pray and Angel and things like that, I think a lot of people thought that. I did quite a lot of religious TV at home when Pray came out, especially a lot of the children's programs. I think sometimes the church can be a bit stuffy, so I think they wanted to prove that it could not be stuffy with a song like that and with me and all that sort of thing. I think that's a good thing. It's a nice thing to be thought of or remembered for.

RS: And now the last question, I literally get this three times a day now. What's the story with Love Comes Back?

Tina Cousins: See, I want that song. Just before I got dropped by Jive, Pete, me, and the head of European label said right, brilliant, we're going on with the next album. I recorded Love Comes Back and it was supposed to be the first track released on the new album after Killing Time. I loved that song and I gigged it quite a lot. I still gig it and I have all of the copy and everything. Just recently, obviously because of all the interest in that track, we went to Pete and we wanted to license it for this album, and at first he said yes. It was being played on PWL-FM, he said yes, great. So we started, we struck a deal and two days before we were going to sign, he pulled the plug and said I couldn't have it. I really wanted that track, because it's a great track and it goes down so well at gigs. So who knows, we might get the rights to it one day, we'll keep trying.